Since 1946
Handmade in Germany

The Manufacture

Today, simplicity and elegance no longer needs to be a contradiction. Todays Gentleman wants to be comfortable in whatever he does, this is derived by using the finest fabrics, the purest quality of Canvas paired with the give of a handmade seam. For us this is the epitome of »Comfortable Luxury«. For this Regent has been known since 1946.
This tradition today is more alive than ever in our manufacture in idyllic southern Germany, where skilled hands, needle and thread create sartorial masterpieces. On request this can also be done based on your measurements, thereby creating a truly unique garment which represents your personality.

The Collection

Regent combines in its collection sartorial expertise with comfortable elegance. It’s craftsmanship and sartorial engineering combined which lead »Comfortable Luxury«.


Ein Anzug von Regent ist mehr als Summe vieler Arbeitsschritte, er ist das Ergebnis langer Tradition und des gesammelten Wissens von drei Schneidergenerationen. Von Hand entsteht so aus edlen Tuchen greifbarer Stil.

Details make the difference. This is also true for the suit. Many details are visible, like the hand sewn buttonhole or the hand sewn edge of the lapel. Other details are noticeable only by the wearer, the added flexibility through the special cut and construction of the armhole or the softness of the Canvas. At Regent all the details count. It is because of this that the human knowledge and their sartorial instincts are irreplaceable.

Whoever visits our manufacture is surprised by how similar we are set up to a traditional tailors workshop. Machines are used where preferable but the hands create the beat to which the machines can sing. They lead needle, thread, shears and the flatirons with great skill and full of respect for the fabrics sourced from Italy, England and Scotland. Stitch by stitch in many hours of patient work.

Modernity and Tradition are no contradiction for Regent. The patterns, whether a suit, jacket, trouser or overcoat, are constructed by our pattern makers. Either on the basis of individual measurements or based on the sketches of our design team. After the pattern is made, it is laid on the cloth before being cut by hand. This is the way tailors have been making suits for generations at Regent, and this is still the way we feel it needs to be done. Focus and a steady hand are essential, as our exclusive fabrics do not allow for mistakes.

The Canvas is the soul of a jacket. Not visible on the outside, it is what defines a well crafted jacket. Only with the canvas does the jacket come alive. Depending which cloth is chosen we select the matching canvas and by carefully padding it, give the right amount of structure and body to the jacket. Regent uses soft canvases made out of a mixture of linen, cotton and horsehair.

Tailor shape the cloth with a heavy flatiron and steam, this way they can add a little bit more room in the collar or shape it just a bit closer around the neckline. It is this knowledge and attention to detail that makes a Regent suit so comfortable. As through all the steps above the suit come to live, and the cloth changes from something two dimensional into a three dimensional piece of art.


You have questions about our Company, current or past Collections or our manufacture? You would like to schedule an appointment to get your measurements taken? Please contact us via Email, phone or via Facebook and Instagram.


If you would like to contact or visit our Outletstore in Weissenburg, you can reach us at 0049 9141 870 145. Our opening hours are Tuesday to Friday from 10 am — 6 pm and Saturdays from 10 am — 3 pm. We are closed on Mondays. 

Find us at the Augsburger Str. 58-60 in 91781 Weissenburg, Bavaria.